Creating a village hall as well as a church

Other pages descibe the project and the consultation that has led to the start of fundraisimg efforts aimed at getting the required funds for planning and building works. Here we describe the progress made so far:



1st March 2013

Community Building Project - Update 40 – “We’re off”

By the time you receive this magazine, the contractors will be on site and the building work will
be underway. As you can see on the front cover, we had an official ceremony on the 19th Feb-
ruary to formally start the work and to say thank you to our major funders. Cllr. Janet Carr,
Chair of South Oxfordshire District Council did the honours in “cutting the first sod” for us as
SODC are our biggest funder, awarding us a grant of £100,000. We were given very short notice
that Cllr. Carr would be available, so if you missed the event, I am sorry but please don’t worry,
we will organise a whole range of opportunities for you to see the building once the work is
completed and then everyone can join in the celebrations.


It will be a 25 week build programme finishing at the end of August 2013. During March, the
Church will be open for services as usual but you will see in the Rev’d Caroline’s piece that the
last major service before the work starts inside the building will be on Easter Sunday. After this,
services will take place in either St. Katherine’s, Chiselhampton or in Stadhampton Primary
School until all the work is completed and services return to St. John’s. Information about
changes to services will be displayed outside the Church, in the magazine and on the village


We have been advised by our architects that their original plan to put the new heated floor on
top of the original was unwise because of the closeness to the water-table. So a new, more
complex scheme has been devised. Inevitably this has increased the costs and so we will con-
tinue with our fundraising activities for the fixtures and fitting for the building. The overall
result will be a more useable, more comfortable and more efficient (in the energy use sense)
building accessible to all the community. We need tables, chairs and audio equipment as well as
crockery and utensils for the kitchen


We have also started with the preparations for the groups which will use the building when it is
ready. Julie Keyser is leading this and if you have already indicated an interest, she will be in
touch with you in the next few weeks to talk about moving things forward. If you have any new
ideas for using the building, if you would like to lead a group yourself but need support to set it
up or if you are willing to help with one of the ones already planned, please contact her at:


Coming up, there are two fundraising events that might interest you. A sponsored Bike Ride and
a Call My Wine Bluff Evening both advertised elsewhere in the magazine. And if you have ideas
for raising money or want to help let me know? But as of now, we are up and running!!!

December 13th 2012

A big thank you to everyone who supported us at the Newington House Christmas Market on the 7th December. Whether it was making things to sell or helping at the stalls or with parking etc. We raised a phenomenal £1,600 to be shared between the Stadhampton Community Building Project and St Giles Church, Newington. Thanks also go to the Nettleton Family for inviting us to use their beautiful home for the day.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and here looking forward to seeing the builders on site on in the New Year!

November 25th 2012

Ann Stead writes: 'If you haven’t already heard the news already........ it looks like we are within touching distance of our target. Biffa Award have awarded us £50,000 towards the project which leave us with about £8,000 to raise to get to £385,000!!! What a result! We have a few irons in the fire to reach the final target and with the Parish Councils promise to underwrite this last little bit if necessary I am sure we can convince our funders to release the money for us to start building in the New Year. So next year will bring a new venue for all sorts of new events in the village and hopefully lots of fun and excitement'

October 2nd 2012

Thank you supporters; whether you bought raffle or events tickets, donated gifts or joined in with the auction. The village did us proud.

On Saturday 29th September at the Action and Ball at the Crazy Bear we raised a grand total of:


We are galloping towards our total. Remember we need to raise £385,000 and thanks to this additional sum we now have secured £325,000.

We are awaiting a decision about a £50,000 funding application this month so watch this space..... If we are successful, we could still start building work this side of Christmas!!!


July 1st 2012

Community Building Project (CBP)—Update 34

As you may have read in the earlier piece by the Revd. David Cleugh, May and June saw the project hit the jackpot with all its funding applications. Amazingly, four out of four said “YES!” In the last issue I told you about the £50,000 we received from Oxfordshire County Council’s Big Society Fund. Within days we learned that we had been successful with our bids to the Leader Programme for £40,000 and WREN for £75,000. A few days ago we heard that we have been successful with our biggest bid; to SODC’s Community Investment Fund - they have awarded us £100,000. So when it is all added together with what we had already secured, we now have a total of:

We need another £74,000 to reach our target of £385,000 but we are over the £300,000 hurdle and are confident we will soon be in a position to sign the contract with the builders to start work in September. This is a fabulous result for the village and a great reflection of the committees hard work on your behalf. If you want a reminder of the committee members names, they are listed below and I am delighted that Sally Rowlands has recently joined us to help with the interior design phase. Special thanks must go to Council-lors Lorraine Lindsay-Gale and Phil Cross for sponsoring two of our bids. Please help us with this last piece of fundraising and if you can’t afford to buy a ticket to the ball on the 29th September, remember you could buy a raffle ticket. It all helps!


June 9th 2012:

More Good News - we have been successful in our bid to WREN for £75,000 toward the project



May 28th 2012:



















 Community Building Project - Update 33

I wish I were in a position to tell you some good news but for all we are hearing lots of positive vibes from two key funders, we have had no official news as yet. By the end of May we should know the outcomes. If you see Champagne corks in my garden around this time, you will know its good news. I will put the news on the village website so you know as soon as we do.


Thanks to everyone who has filled in their (green) letter of support forms. It’s still not too late, so please drop them into my letter box a.s.a.p. We need them for the first week in June to give to Counsellor Phil Cross so that he can show SODC how much support we have in our Community Investment Fund bid.


 The next thing you will see will happening will be our fundraising Ball at the Crazy Bear on 29th September, if you would like tickets please contact Rosalind Wilson or any member of the Committee listed below? These are exciting times folks; by the end of June we will also know about two other major bids which would mean that by September this year, we could start building! Ann Stead


April 28th 2012: 

Community Building Project - Update 32


What a roller-coaster the last few weeks have been! We have been busy putting in funding bids to The Big Society, The Leader Programme, WREN, and by the time you read this, we will have also applied to SODC for their Community Investment Fund. So it is difficult to type as all my fingers are crossed awaiting their decisions!


The tenders for the building work have come in and surprise, surprise, they are higher than the architects estimates so we have had to be very realistic with what we are aiming to do  and have taken out some of the 'nice to haves' like a newly paved driveway to the Church and insulating the roof. This is a pity but it could be a great opportunity for skilled craftsmen in the village to offer expertise and time to see if we can do some of these things cheaper ourselves. Please give me a ring if you think there is a way you can help?


Whilst we are beavering away doing that the Government wants with its Big Society, it has been busy undermining what we are trying to do. In this years budget the Chancellor has taken away VAT exemption on work carried out on Listed Buildings. If the higher tenders weren't enough, this is going to add to our costs considerably. If we are successful with our Big Society bid, the Government will be giving us money with one hand and taking it away with th eother! If anyone can explain the sense in all of this to me, I would be truely grateful. We will be responding in the consultation process, and writing to John Howell our MP. Committee members and friends have also completed the on-line petition about Listed Buildings and VAT. If you would like to help, perhaps you could add you name too - the link is here!


However we are still feeling upbeat and you will see here, we have great hopes for the Crazy Bear ball and will leave no stone unturned, however small, in our efforts to reach our target. If you can't manage a ticket for the ball itself, there will be a raffle drawn on the night so everyone can participate.



Mar 29th 2012:

Website update
We have uploaded the architects plan for the church, and also some artists impressions of what the interior of the church will look like.


Jan 31st 2012:

Community Building Project—Update 30
I am pleased to report that we had a positive result on both issues raised in the December update. Philip Owen has volunteered to give us the accountancy support we needed and you may have read in the Parish Council minutes, they have agreed to award the project £15,000 towards its start up costs. A big thank you to them.

We have had some promises of funding but only for the actual building work; funding the preparatory work like architects, quantity surveyors, structural engineers fees etc. has been more difficult but without their detailed reports we cannot get accurate quotes for the building work and the grant making bodies insist upon having these.  Now thanks to the Parish Council, it’s full steam ahead and we can start submitting our applications in this year year's funding round. The first one has to be in on 12th February, (Leader Programme), the next key dates are 7th March (WREN), 30th April (SODC) and 15 June (OCC). There are more but these are the key ones.

A big thank you also goes to all the people who either sent messages of support to the Parish Council or turned up at the meeting. This show of support was a great validation of the project and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm.

Finally congratulations to Ann Gibb for winning our Christmas quiz competition.

Ann Stead, Chairman


Jan 17th 2012:

The Parish Council has agreed to provide £15,000 to cover the professional fees needed to make applications for grants to cover the development and building costs.

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