The Consultation

From December 2008 to February 2009, approximately 65 families were interviewed face-to-face. Using the same questions, questionnaires were sent to every (400) household in the village with the parish magazine. Of these, 20 questionnaires were completed. This gave us responses from 85 households, representing the views of 201 people (that's 25% of the population of the Stadhampton and its environs). cbp02.jpg


Questions were asked about the following issues:

  • Whether people felt there was a need for a village hall.
  • If there was, what types of facilities did people wish to be included;
  • what was the level of interest in various activities;
  • what were the pros and cons of the two locations identified, and
  • how much support were people willing to offer?


An open meeting was arranged on 25th April 2009 (in the school hall) to report on the findings of the consultation to the community and to discuss the way forward.

Need for a hall

The exercise demonstrated that 89% of respondents said they wanted a village hall.


At the meeting there was a great deal of discussion about the two possible options that had been identified (i.e. using the Pavilion site or modifying the Church). As there was unanimous agreement at the meeting on the need for the village hall, it was felt that modifying the church would obviate the need for a new building. There was no appetite for the costs involved in a new building and it would also preserve a much loved listed, building which has been at the heart of the community for over 900 years. The pavilion option was discounted as being too far from the centre of the village, very isolated and a high risk for vandalism. "I think that the church and the village hall are the heart of the village. If these two are combined you have a win/win situation."

A report of this meeting was made in the June 2009 edition of the parish magazine to ensure the all households were informed of the decision taken and villagers were invited to comment. As no comments were forthcoming, agreement was assumed.


The top ten activities people wanted to see in the new hall were:


  • Exercise Classes
  • Film Club
  • Concerts
  • Dances/Parties
  • Moring Coffee
  • Quizzes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Wine/Brewing Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Youth Club


Volunteers willing to organise events/activities

Very importantly, for those who were happy to give their names, the consultation also provided people willing to organise new events and help with the project by way of giving their time or expertise. Volunteers offered to help with:

  • artwork/design of advertising posters
  • hand delivery of advertising
  • painting and decorating


Copies of letters of support to run new activities/use the new hall, have so far been received for:
  • A Mother and Toddler Group
  • A Youth Group
  • A Lunch Club for Older People
  • A Book Club
  • Exercise Classes
  • Home workers