The Community Building Project Committee comprises:


Committee MemberTelephoneemail address
Ann Stead (Chairman) 01865 891174 annstead(at)
Cheryl Wilson (Secretary) 01865 400272 cherylannewilson(at)
David Fordham 01865 400676 davidfordham(at)
Liz Eales (Parish Council Rep) 01865 891187 liz.eales(at)
Philip Owen (Treasurer) 01235 555223 pandj(at)
Rosalind Wilson 01865 890535 rosalindjwilson(at)
Sandra Tebby (PCC Rep) 01865 890790 sandra.tebby(at)
Stephen Dawson 01865 890079 s.dawson78(at)

Please ring any one of us if you would like to discuss the project, or send us an email

Or if you would like to make a donation, please make cheques payable to the Community Building Project.


Send any correspondence to:

The Secretary,
Cheryl Wilson,
The White House,
Thame Road,
Oxon, OX44 7TP