The Challenge

We need to raise approximately £325,000 for the professional fees involved, to do the building work and provide the necessary equipment:

The Building work:

  • Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Bring in services (water, waste pipes etc.)
  • Replace the Floor
  • Improve the Heating
  • Provide mood Lighting
  • Improve Access along the drive


  • Comfortable/flexible seating
  • Tables
  • Audio visual technology

Ongoing consultation

Following the initial consultation meeting in April 2009, the committee met with a specialist architect to start the process of drawing up plans to see how best to modify the Church. These have been refined over time with continuous feedback from villagers and related authorities. The plans have been on display are various events in the village and are on permanent display in the Church (the key is always available from The Crown).

A small number of concerns were raised and resolved in this way:

The biggest concern related to secular activities taking place within in a church and the times the hall would be used. These issues were discussed at length at another open meeting held on 18th October 2010 where many examples of similar projects were demonstrated to be highly successful and it was agreed that a well constructed Hiring Agreement would ensure that only appropriate activities took place within the facility and at certain times. This seemed to satisfy those expressing concern.

The issue of car parking was also discussed at this meeting and with the Parish Council and it has been agreed that nylon meshing would be fitted under the grass on the village Green adjacent to the Church to reinforce the ground.


How will we do it?

It was clear from the outset that attempting to raise this sum of money could only be achieved by using a variety of approaches. A fund raising strategy was therefore developed which includes:

  • Local fundraising efforts and individual pledges
  • Gifts in kind from the local community
  • Applying to statutory bodies
  • Applying to grant making bodies

Watch out for local fundraising events in the Parish Magazine and on the parish website(s)where we will also give a regular update of progress. If you have any ideas about fundraising or if you would like to help in any way, please get in touch with any member of the committee - see below for contact details.