Aims of the project:

To provide the residents of Stadhampton with an aesthetically pleasing, practical place to meet.

But this is not just about bricks and mortar; we aim to build a caring and cohesive community and to do that we need a community building.



The Need

Stadhampton has not had a village hall since the 1960's when its old hall had to be demolished. As a result it lost a major focal point for social interaction; some say it lost its heart! We can use the school hall but this is limited and only available in the evenings and at weekends. There is nowhere to go for large social activities during the day. 


Does anyone have any photos of the old Hall or activities being held there?  It would be great to put them on the site. 


The Plan

The committee has engaged architects to design and project manage the alterations to the Stadhampton church building.  The plans we are working to are included here.   We have created some pictures of what the interior of the building will look like here.