Stadhampton Community Plan Steering Committee

As part of the process of producing a high-quality Community Plan the  Steering Committee is being setup to oversee and coordinate the activities that need to be undertaken to produce the plan according to the 9 step planning process. We are still in the process of deciding the members of the group, their roles and a constistution.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of everything that is decided, through this website and other announcements, for example, in the Parish Magazine.


Our Current status:


Sharon Bowerman 890536  
Roger Cutts 400770 roger.cutts(at)
Liz Eales 891187 liz.eales(at)
Tim Huddleston 891187 tim.huddleston(at)
Colin Keyser  891987 colinkeyser(at)
Julie Keyser  891987 julie(at)
Ken King  890829 ken(at)
David Peel 890005 dnpeel1(at)


Minutes of meetings


04 April 2012: Step 2 Opening Meeting

23 April 2012: Meeting 2

14 May 2012: Meeting 3

11 June 2012: Meeting 4

09 July 2012: Meeting 5 

06 August 2012: Meeting 6