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Highways and Traffic Matters - Request to Parish Residents Please!

By Michael Pawley Stadhampton Parish Council

Thursday, 26 November 2020


Stadhampton Parish Council Contributor


Do you have observations or concerns over Highways and traffic matters in the Parish? Or would you like to just offer your opinion on our local road network as a resident in Stadhampton Parish and a road user in whatever capacity you use them? If so, please submit any comments to me by 8th December!

I am Councillor Neil ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald and I joined the Parish Council earlier this Summer. As a keen driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian and cyclist, I’m very interested in the balance to be struck between how different road users share our roads, and our mutual safety in using them. As such, I volunteered to become the Parish Council’s contact for highways and traffic.

As an example, in order to address a perceived Parish speeding issue, I am investigating with OCC how to gather evidence to determine how much of a problem this is and what further appropriate measures could be taken if so. Some residents have already kindly notified me about contradictory speed limit signs in Newington Road and poor road markings by the speed camera, but I would also like to hear from others. If other residents were to indicate common areas of concern, I will be able to focus my efforts to target specific areas more effectively.

I have a meeting with OCC Highways on 8th December so I would be very grateful to hear from you before then so I can present our collective concerns, and hopefully be able to work towards finding resolutions. My email address is:

Thank you for reading. Please stay safe and continue to look out for each other. Have a wonderful Christmas and let us hope for a happier and healthier New Year.

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