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New defibrillator in Chiselhampton

By Michael Pawley Stadhampton Parish Council

Friday, 23 April 2021


Stadhampton Parish Council Contributor


Following the award of grants from both District Councillor Caroline Newton under the South Oxfordshire District Council Community Grant Scheme and the charity London Hearts we have now been able to install a community defibrillator in Chiselhampton to complement the existing one located at M&S/BP in Stadhampton. Located in the car park at the Coach & Horses Public House the defibrillator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If you find someone who is unresponsive and not breathing normally, ask a helper to call 999 for emergency help while you start CPR. Ask a helper to find and bring the defibrillator - they will need the code that ambulance control will give you in order to unlock the cabinet.

  • If you're on your own use the hands-free speaker on a phone so you can start CPR while speaking to ambulance control.
  • Do not leave a casualty to look for a defibrillator yourself, the ambulance will bring one.
  • Full instructions as to how to use the device will be given by voice prompts from the device.

The stats are alarming - if a defibrillator is used and effective CPR is performed within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest, the chance of survival increases from 6% to over 74% !

Here's a link to a really useful YouTube video on perfoming CPR and using a defibrillator

The Parish Council is really greatful to David McPhillips, landlord of the Coach & Horses, for agreeing to allow the unit to be installed at the pub.

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