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Response to Consultation on Active Travel

By Michael Pawley Stadhampton Parish Council

Sunday, 14 June 2020


Stadhampton Parish Council Contributor


The Council recently responded to a request from Oxfordshire County Council regarding plans to spend money on Active Travel measures - the Council's letter is set out below:

I am writing to you on behalf of Stadhampton Parish Council to ask you to take action to enhance Active Travel measures in the Local Authority area. Like OCC, Stadhampton Parish Council has declared a climate emergency, and are keen to see this translate into action to promote low carbon travel in our region.

I understand that decisions on this will be made shortly and that the Government has asked the Highways Authorities in England to prioritise Active Travel in response to the Covid-19 situation, and that there is funding available.

I’m sure that Park and Pedal schemes would be popular options for people in the villages surrounding Oxford, but of course safety is a critical concern for cyclists and we would also support the fast-tracking of schemes such as:

· Installing ‘pop-up’ cycle facilities

· Using cones and barriers

· Encouraging walking and cycling to school

· Reducing speed limits

· Introducing pedestrian and cycle zones

It would be highly beneficial to make these changes permanent – there is an ongoing need to cut traffic levels from pre-Covid levels, both for air pollution reasons and to meet the UK’s net zero climate commitments.

Road transport is the key problem for illegal air pollution, and the transport sector is the biggest for climate emissions. We hope that infrastructure investment is prioritised for schemes which will enable us to build back better, rather than for those which would take us in the wrong direction, such as road building.

Segregated cycleways and e-bikes could be a real game-changer for transport and for carbon emissions in our county, if we invest in them.

Kind regards,

Councillor Catherine Odell

Stadhampton Parish Council

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